Tuscany means much more than Florence and its surrounding countryside. Tuscany is a multifaceted region defined by wonderful cities such as Siena and Pisa, medieval borghi such as San Gimignano or Massa Maritima, an incredible vegetation of blood poppies and cypresses, a vast pallette of dishes such as the ribollita soup or the fiorentina steak as well as an infinity of traditions such as the Pallio di Siena or the Befanata song. There is art, architecture, cars, sweets, fashion, beautiful men and women, jewelry, wine and festivals, both traditional and contemporary.

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Wine in Italy is not just an alcoholic beverage used to accompany dishes of those who can afford extravagant meals. It is the most common drink after water, enjoyed by all. It is also an object of research in the fields of enology and viticulture, a subject of debate for conoisseurs and profane consumers alike, a wonderful reason for people to connect and indulge their senses. Some of the best wines in the world are produced from the fertile and savory Tuscan soil, over wavy hills and under the unique blue skies.

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